What is the future scope of php for web development

scope of PHPAre you proceeding to work on PHP, worried about the future scope of php? Looking at current market we can assure a good future of PHP. However, in technical era none of the technology can be constant. But for choosing a better option for now, PHP is best. Here we will try to list out some points for the same.

Here we are providing some concepts to clear the future scope of php, for those who are working on it as well as those who are willing to work on.

PHP Visibility over internet : securing php future

  • If you surf net, you can easily find out many websites with extension ‘.php’. This vast availability of php applications on internet can make you think about its popularity.
  • Currently PHP pages are a common part of web applications, and one of the most popular languages for web development used by developers worldwide.
  • If we surf internet we can see millions of websites built with php and mysql.

PHP in blogging: a secure scope of php

  • Excellent blog webistes are built using wordpress, which is also designed by PHP.
  • Blogs are the most common contents of internet in today’s world. People with minimum technical knowledge operates their Blogs, this is possible by simple language like php.

CMS Supporting PHP: a Technical Future Move

  • Thousands of CMS that support PHP are freely available to download and use like Zend, Codeigniter, YUii, symfony, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and Cake php etc.
  • CMS in support to PHP provides the efficient way to publish websites easily, which is a very good move for the future of PHP.

PHP and MySQL: providing vast range application

  • The combination of PHP and MySQL provides a vast range of web application development.
  • Web application development for even non-technical persons have become simple with combo of php and MySQL database.

PHP simplicity uplifting its its use in future

  • PHP is so simple and easy to use, that makes its future bright as working on other languages is more complex than PHP.
  • PHP came in lame light after over taking many powerful languages in web development, this justifies that PHP is going to be in market for long lasting.

Regular updation in PHP: a way to maintain future existence 

  • Day by day modification for using PHP is being done by developing new technologies, new frameworks.
  • New frameworks are coming in existence to support PHP coding, this is a measure for PHP future.
  • Object oriented based frameworks like zend is in market that is working like a booster for PHP web application development.
  • CMS that supports working on PHP provides extendable plug-ins to extend the features for using PHP.

Recommendations: increase in popularity and future scope of PHP

  • Many professionals from top companies prefer using PHP for web application development.
  • Php is used over other languages because it’s above mentioned benefits.
  • PHP is also a low cost web development tool, developers charge very less or we may say low development charge is allotted. As a result companies prefer it more.
  • For the developers who are fresher to PHP, for them also PHP is a very good and effective tool to start with.
  • If you want to continue your job as a developer itself, then PHP or any other tool/language is just a technology, more focus should be on your logics.
  • Logics are the important tool for your survival as the code developer.

Here we are providing some of the professional’s thoughts for php future, with the hope to provide you a way to choose your career.

1. Mohan Pandey, B.Tech (CS) – I completed my professional qualification (B.Tech in CS), now I am learning PHP for starting my career as a developer. PHP is so simple and easy for me. I am much comfortable with this web development language as a code developer. It is not much complicated like other web development tools.

2. Subhas Raj, PHP developer – I have been developing web applications using PHP for a long time. I always support PHP for web development as I take very less time to complete my projects. My salary has been always increased time to time. I really favor PHP for you all to work upon.

3. Aditya Kumar, php professional – Given the widespread adoption of PHP, I would expect it to last long in future. Plus, you are essentially a ‘programmer’ and the language is just a tool. The main focus for any programmer should be the ‘logic implementation’ which is always helpful for any programmer for his or her career.

4. Ankita, PHP programmer – I experienced that any kind of learning does not go to waste. When you become comfortable in any of the one computer language, it becomes very easy to grasp the other languages as per further demand. And PHP is the finest web development tool and has the brightest future. My advice for you all is that once you are reasonably comfortable with PHP, try using some framework like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and others.

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